Vor Turath

Vor turath 2
The wealthy of Vor Turath live in luxury.

The capital city of Bael Turath has long been the most important port of call in southern Theidra. Its glory has been somewhat diminished since Genasi corsairs sacked it near the end of the Psionic Crusade. The event has left a deep enmity for the Genasi in all citizens of Bael Turath. Some of the trade that once flowed into Vor Turath has diverted to Freeport farther north, but Vor Turath remains an important trading stop on the inner sea making it an excellent place to find information about far-off places.

The city has long been famous for its canals, and still is. Water diverted from the river on which the city sits runs through the city, taking the place of roads altogether in some place. Homes in the wealthier part of the city often have doors opening directly onto the canal, with their own private boatmen to ferry them around the city.

Every Great House maintains an enclave in the city, and Turathi nobility can be seen floating up canals or strolling through the streets on a regular basis.

Background Benefit: A character from Vor Turath gains +1 to Streetwise and Diplomacy, and may speak one additional language.

Vor Turath

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