Races of Theidra

The races of Theidra are much as they are anywhere else in the world, with a few exceptions, whic are noted below.

Dragonborn descended from the Drakholt mountains at the end of the Galaryn Empire. They were a clan-based society, and clan loyalties still run deep in Dragonborn. A few clans remain in the mountains, while most of them have come down and formed the Arkhosian Empire over the centuries since the fall of Galaryn.

Many people view drow as evil by nature, inhabiting underground caverns and worshiping evil gods, but this is not precisely the truth. Drow are merely a race of elves who have adapted their lifestyle to the harsh desert environments they usually inhabit. Their ruthless attitude enable them to survive in such a hard place, while their knowledge of shadow magic helps in avoiding the burning rays of the sun when they are forced to go out in the day.

Like drow, duergar are more a product of their environment rather than of any inherent evil nature. Life in the jungles of southern Theidra has required them to be just as comfortable among and in trees as other dwarves are in caves and mines. In addition, avoiding dangerous predators and hunting the exotic creatures of the jungles has led the duergar to develop glands to produce their own natural toxins.

Dwarves in Theidra are concentrated in the Ironroot Mountains. Like the dragonborn, they are divided into clans, but unlike the dragonborn, no central authority has ever been established over the Ironroot clans. Instead, a loose alliance exists among the clans of the mountains. In many parts of the world, Dwarves and Goblins are often in conflict over limited resources in the mountain regions, and in many parts of Theidra, especially the far north, this is the case. The dwarves of the Ironroot Mountains, however, have managed to maintain an uneasy truce with the Goblins, which allows the dwarves to carry out trade with the surrounding lands without fear of constant interuption of their trade routes or mining operations.

The people of Genas prefer a wandering lifestyle to a life of peace. Though Genas serves as a refuge for them, it is the permanent home to only a few. Most Genasi are corsairs or adventurers. A few serve in mercenary bands or on legitimate merchant vessels. Most will take any job so long as it has the chance for adventure and excitement.

Goblins live in scattered tribes throughout the mountainous regions of Theidra. Some live as bandits, others as mercenaries, hiring themselves out as soldiers or caravan guards. A few live in more civilized regions, where they often work as guides for adventuring parties or even as legitimate merchants.

Halflings are a varied race, much like Humans, but in Theidra they are concentrated on the edge of the northern mores, where they live a semi-nomadic life, leading their herds between settlements and grazing grounds. When resources run scares, they lead their tribes south to raid the merchant roads of Theidra. Though small, mounted on their sturdy ponies and armed with javelins, bows, bolas, and axes, they are deadly raiders who strike quickly and melt away before help can arrive.

Humans are not native to Theidra. They came here as conquerors centuries ago. Those conquerors went on the form the Galaryn Empire. That empire has sense fallen but humans remains spread across the continent. In most of the Free Cities that exist across old Galaryn territory, humans remain the majority.

Races of Theidra

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