New Io

New io
New Io rises above the ruins of the old.

Io, the Empire’s capital, was utterly destroyed in the Unbinding. However, no sooner had the waters been calmed than the dragonborn were at work rebuilding their city. Over the seven years since Io was lost, New Io has risen over its ruins, spread over the islands left by the storm and connected by great arched bridges. New roads soon linked it to the mainland, no longer as straight as they once were, following as they must the path of the islands across which they stretch. An ambitious project is also in the works to remake the ruined road between Drakhall and Io.

Io was not only the cultural and political center of Arkhosia, but the economic center as well. With a new port, New Io is taking up that mantle as well. Ships from all over the Inner Sea and beyond call at New Io and nearly every imaginable good is available in its markets.

Background Benefit: A character from New Io gains a +2 on any knowledge check dealing with dragonborn.

New Io

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