Both the Arkhosians and the Turathi have developed varieties of firearms.

weapon (ranged)

Turathi Firearms
The Turathi use an alchemical powder to create a small explosion which propels a metal ball at extremely high speeds. Though extremely deadly, the process of loading such a weapon is long and tedious.

Turathi Handgun
Type: Military Ranged (one handed)
Group: Firearms
Proficiency: +2
Range: 4/8
Load: Move
Damage: 1d8
Properties: High Crit, Off-Hand, Versatile (firearm)
Mundane Cost: 50gp

Turathi Long Gun
Type: Military Ranged (two-handed)
Group: Firearm
Proficiency: +2
Range: 6/12
Load: Move
Damage: 1d10
Properties: High Crit
Mundane Cost: 65gp

Turathi Magelock
A few Arcanists have adapted Turathi firearms to serve as conduits through which to cast their spells.
Type: Superior Implement
Group: Firearms
Properties: Deadly
Special: A Turathi Magelock does not require ammunition, as it serves as a focus for the caster’s magic. However, a caster may choose to load it, and then fire it along with a magical attack they are making (firing the pistol becomes part of the attack’s required action type). The blast of the pistol hurts concentration, so he caster takes a -2 to the attack roll. If the attack hits however, it deals 1d8 damage from the pistol ball in addition to the normal damage for the attack being made with it.
Mundane Cost: 65gp

Arkhosian Firearms
The Arkhosians use elemental magic to power their weapons. Arkhosians firearms fire blasts of elemental energy, and so do not require ammunition. If no elemental magic is bound into the firearm, it can serve as a perfectly fine arcane implement.

Elemental Pistol
Type: Superior Ranged (one-handed)
Group: Firearms
Proficiency: +3
Range: 5/10
Load: Free
Damage: 1d8
Properties: Off-Hand, Versatile (firearm)
Special: At the time of its creation, an Elemental Pistol must have its damage type designated. The damage type may be any elemental type (fire, cold, or lightning). All damage dealt with this weapon is of that type, in addition to any type designated by the attack being made.
Mundane Cost: 250gp

Elemental Magelock
Type: Superior Implement
Group: Firearms
Properties: Deadly, energized (choose from fire, lightning, or cold)
Mundane Cost: 25gp

New Property
Versatile (firearm): One handed firearms can be fired while holding them in a single hand, but a character may also use both hands to steady the firearms and gain more accuracy. A character who does so gains a +1 to that attack roll. Small creatures must hold such a firearm in both hands, but do not gain a bonus to attack rolls.

New Heroic Feats
Turathi Gunslinger: You can reload a Turathi firearm as a minor action rather than a move, and can do so one-handed if the firearm is a pistol.

Firearm Expertise: Gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls with firearms. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th level and +3 at 21st. In addition, you ignore partial and superior cover when attacking with a firearm.

Battlefield Gunner: You do not provoke opportunity attacks when attacking with or reloading a firearm.

New Wondrous Item
Item level: 1
Property: Can be affixed to the barrel of a firearm. Once this is done, the firearm can be used to make melee attacks. A one-handed firearm with a bayonet counts as a light blade and deals 1d6 in melee. A two-handed firearm with a bayonet counts as a polearm and deals 1d8 in melee. Any enhancements or properties a firearm has are carried over to a bayonet attached to it.
Price: 360gp



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