Thaenar Torhen

The dragonborn governor of Aldholt and its surrounding communities.


Torhen serves as the highest local Arkhosian authority for the lands surrounding Aldholt, one of the chief towns on the south coast of the Gulf of Io. He received this job after serving in the Arkhosian army for most of his life, during which he has obtained the rank of Thaenar, the second highest rank in the Arkhosian military.

He comes across as a harried bureaucrat. This is in large part do to the fact that Torhen, like most dragonborn, is at heart a warrior, and his current desk job dealing with the complaints of the locals has begun to tire him. Little would give him so much pleasure as to return to Arkhosia, but to request such a transfer would be tantamount to failure in his current mission. So, he has set about bringing the New Lands into the Arkhosian fold by whatever means necessary.

Thaenar Torhen

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