Legatus Dythan

Commander of Dythan's Legion


Dythan commands the dominant military force on the south coast of the Gulf of Io. He is the military governor of the New Lands, and has overseen the Arkhosian occupation of the Empire’s new southern holdings for the last few years.

Dythan’s exploits in the war are famous, and the prestige of the legion he commands is immense. Indeed the simple presence of Dythan’s legion in the New Lands has by some been identified as the primary reason there has been so little resistance from the locals.

Although he commands only a single legion, Dythan holds the rank of Legatus, the highest rank in the Arkhosian Military. His legion is considered an elite fighting force, and has often been deployed to deal with situations considered too dangerous for other troops.

Legatus Dythan

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